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Project Description

New Permanent Motor technology for high efficiency need for general purpose motor application between 0.12kW and 22kW. The efficiency level is hegher than IE4 limits in IEC60034-30-1:2014. Efficency levels are between IE7 and IE10.

Project Details

  • Low cost solution. The cost of motor is %10 lower than standart IE2 induction type of motors.
  • Low torque ripple due to special rotor design.
  • Compact size is avaliable for low space need of special application motor needs.
  • Wide range speed control, 500rpm to 6000rpm.
  • Inductance differance in "d" and "q" axis of rotor versus current and rotor position make Senserless control with FOC driver possible.
  • Suitable design for automatic production system for high quantity.
  • High dielectric strength of stator winding for surge reliability.
  • Low cogging torque by the means of rotor magnetic circuit desing.
  • Sinusoidal EMF form, THD< 1%